I’m excited about the November 4 release of Giants of Iniquity: a San Francisco Omen. The story came magically in 2015 in just a few short months while living and working in downtown San Francisco. My observations of people’s bizarre behavior is all from first-hand accounts.  In fact, 70% of the novel is fictionalized accounts of true historical events from this time. In the past 4 years, these social,economic, and corporate issues have only escalated, and the questions I ask in Giants are more relevant than ever.

I ask these open questions about San Francisco without judgment and with an open heart for solutions that will help people. I am really asking, “Where is our humanity?” “How far have we come that we have to step over naked unconscious people to get into the office, into a 5-star restaurant, or into our front door?” “How is it possible that we have spent half a billion dollars on a few social problems like this, just in this small neighborhood, yet the problems intensify?”

Giants of Iniquity is a modern allegory that I hoped would work on several levels: political satire, packed with metaphors, with the Giants representing several things, not just Tech Giants or Leaders, or Big Government, but Spiritual Giants as well.

The Giants are a representation of all of this evil that tries to divide and conquer and useus. I am not trying to say any one group is the represented by the Giants but all of humanity has the potential to fall into this evil behavior, and we have to resist it. The fiercest fighters to resist the Giants are the immigrants who suffered under their former countries where they came from. In the novel, the Filipinos and Mexicans are the heroes who fight. After dealing with nonsense in the Philippines and in Mexico, for example, they are not going to tolerate evil here in the Land of the Free. The rest of the population is complacent and apathetic. Even the prophet doesn’t realize what is happening at first.

This is the main point I am trying to make about San Francisco and the rest of the United States. A lot of change is happening and much of it is negative. Very few have their eyes open and see what is happening and some of our social programs are even making the disparities and extremes worse.

Please pick up a copy of Giants of Iniquity and enjoy a quick, fun read that will make you laugh. At the same time, I hope it opens your eyes to some of the social, political, economic, and corporate problems and makes you think what might be done. How can we improve? How can we heal? How can we increase freedom and opportunity for everyone? How can avoid going back to this slave class of workers? I don’t have all the answers, and I would love to hear your insights and feedback.

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