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 “American BeheMouth” Tells Epic Journey in Fisheries and American Society

A new book, “American BeheMouth,” provides an exciting adventure in raising and catching a world-record bass. The journey includes family turmoil, lessons in staying balanced, and inspiration for great achievements.

Posted in Bass Angler Magazine: “American BeheMouth” chronicles the raising and catching of a 27-pound largemouth bass, providing a fisheries formula that can be duplicated.  This raises many ethical questions about world records in American sports, including discussion of performance-enhancing drugs and records in baseball.

The protagonist immerses himself in fisheries science to solve the mystery of how to break the existing world record while delving into universal existential questions.

“American BeheMouth” shows conflicting values of Americans struggling to do it all while trying to stay balanced. How do we innovate and achieve great things without becoming despicable cheats or taking questionable short cuts in life?

The entire novella is a metaphor for the America
The author warns that we have fallen out of balance in pursuing “the American dream,” resulting in disintegrating families, credit card debt, and compulsive behavior.n economic system and American consumerism.

In the story the BeheMouth is the giant bigmouth bass swallowing trout whole, but figuratively, the BeheMouth represents America in its greediness for more, becoming lazy and fat, waiting for another handout.

“American BeheMouth” is available for sale as an EBook on Amazon and in paperback on Amazon’s CreateSpace.



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World-Record Bass Novella Raises Ethical Questions in Sports, Economy

Discussed in Field & Stream

A new novella about raising and catching a new world-record largemouth bass raises many questions about ethics in American sports and business. “American BeheMouth” is aptly named for the work’s depiction of the greedy bigmouth bass devouring anything in its path, with parallels to competition in sports and in the American economic system.

World-Record in Kentucky with an Asterisk?

Not only is Kentucky able to raise an NCAA championship basketball team, but it is also capable of producing the world-record bass, according to the book. Fishermen question this since the current state-record bass in Kentucky is just above 15 pounds with the American world record just over 22 pounds. The novella’s 27-pound bass was not submitted to the International Game Fish Association. A record like this would require one huge asterisk, like so many records in baseball.

Many question the ethics behind raising a fish like this just to catch it. “American BeheMouth” author, Jason Covington, has solved age-old fisheries questions in this book with his algorithm for growing a fish with these proportions. The years or research summarized in this book are something that a fisheries team can duplicate. It’s like the stock market insider trading cheats; we can follow the model, but should we?

“American BeheMouth” Literary Analysis of Baseball, Economy

An entertaining and exciting fishing story about a literature student and his fisheries biologist girlfriend who raise the monster fish, the novella points out the egregious faults in baseball and the American economic system. The author parallels performance-enhancing drug usage with fertilizing his Kentucky lake to grow the behemouth’s plentiful food supply.

The novella foreshadows economic repercussions yet to come in the figurative form of bubbles coming from the spring that feeds the mysterious lake, the “Area 51 of bass fishing.” The author harshly criticizes how we have fallen out of balance in pursuing “the American dream,” resulting in disintegrating families, credit card debt, and compulsive behavior.

“American BeheMouth” is available for sale as an EBook on Amazon and in paperback on Amazon’s CreateSpace.



New Book Shows Turmoil in Pursuing the American Dream

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“American BeheMouth” tells the story of a fisheries hobbyist who raises and catches the world-record bigmouth bass in the “Area 51 of Bass Fishing,” a secret 70-acre lake.

The protagonist’s short cuts in fisheries science prevent him from certifying the record fish with the International Game Fish Association. He allows his obsession to endanger his relationships and put him in debt.

It soon becomes clear that the author, Jason Covington, is really talking about the pursuit of the American dream and turmoil in Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street. The protagonist’s moral lapse is reminiscent of sports heroes and politicians we all know. He uses his credit card to finance the dream, hand feeding his behemouth thousands of bait fish. He also sprays chemicals on the lake to increase the baitfish size.

The reader can only think of the Fed and its money printing, quantitative easing, and $15 trillion deficit. Still, the fish and the government lurk around, ready for more. Some individual Americans individually have become lazy, don’t contribute or pay taxes, and merely wait for government handouts.

Other themes in the book include achieving great accomplishments while staying balanced, marriage and the complexities of modern American families, along with many ethical dilemmas, including allusions to economic troubles in American society.

The book is light and a fun read. It is full of family fishing stories that take us back to an age of joy and innocence. However, along the way in our American journey, our objectives changed, and we became obsessed with more. A microcosm of our culture, bass fishing was once a pastime people enjoyed for a peaceful pastoral escape. Now it has become a commercial enterprise with speeding boats and endorsement deals, all to what end?

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